Our Concept design, Supplier recommendations and On the day management package includes:

Personal wedding consultations

In this consultation Trou Vriendin discusses:
  • Your background and lifestyle – this contributes to the making the wedding unique and truly you.
  • What has been done so far?
  • What is still to be done?
  • Non negotiables that you will have at you wedding. 
  • Different ideas you have for the wedding for both the guest experience as well as the aesthetics for the wedding.
  • Wedding budget and looking at the realistic options within that budget.
  • Trou Vriendin approaches to working with you for your wedding and confirming exactly what it is that you need based on the conversation.
  • Trou Vriendin may make some recommendations for different ideas throughout the conversation.
Setup management

  • Creating schedules for all suppliers to ensure all suppliers are arranged to arrive at the correct times to deliver their services.
  • Ensuring all suppliers receive a setup schedule and confirm their times and services/products.
  • Taking into consideration the amount of time each task will take and ensuring that there is enough staff to complete the task on time.
  • Ensuring that all suppliers deliver exactly what service/product that was contracted by the client.
  • Ensuring setup for ceremony, cocktail and reception is completed on time.
  • Trou Vriendin is present from start of setup on the day, up until the ceremony starts.
Wedding styling conceptualization

Once consultation has been done this is what you can expect for your customized wedding concept design:
  • You get two concept options for your wedding.
  • You get two different inspiration boards.
  • You get a breakdown for both ambiance, guest experience and aesthetics.
  • You get décor briefs that you can send to décor companies to get correct and thorough quotations back and it becomes easier for you to compare the quotations side by side.
  • With your concept designs you will get an estimate figure of what you can expect to pay so that you can weigh up whether you are being charged realistically or not.
  • With your concept designs you will also get recommendations on what would be cheaper to source yourself than get someone to do it for you.
  • Designs usually take 7-10 working days due to research and put together a perfect product for our clients.
On the day management

  • Includes setup management, drafting, communicating and confirming setup schedule.
  • Managing all suppliers including venue, photographer, videographer, hair and make-up, DJ and entertainment throughout the day regarding timing schedule and any changes.
  • Crisis management throughout the day.
  • Trou Vriendin leaves when the dance floor opens.

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